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Lament The Change Of Era

by Ng Wei Cheng

Final Rating: 5.17. Finished 44 out of 87 entries.

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Animator: Ng Wei Cheng

Description: The Character plans to go again to the sparrow lake, because it was the memory when he was a child; Also, compare with the childhood, the technology has advancement, he also laments about it.

Experience: 2 years student

Time taken: 2 weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Nathaniel Vaughan:

That plane went by a little quick, didn't it?


the idea is interesting but the staging can be a little better excpet this good job

Ryan Williams:

Poses are good. Timing is a little out of sync with the acting.

Sourabh Choudhary:

learn to driven story.

Lia Rothschild:

A little floaty and the intense focus on the iPad doesn't feel like it matches the tone of voice in the clip. The shutting of the iPad cover is a really nice movement though