Final Rating: 5.60. Finished 31 out of 87 entries.

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Animator: nahomira

Description: I just found this challange recently and wanted to try it out myself, so here's my first submission. It's not finished, because overtime kinda ruined my flow, but I want it posted anyway. Hopefully next time I'll upload something cleaner

Experience: 2 years 2D rigg animation

Time taken: 3 work days


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Nathaniel Vaughan:

That's a lovely expression on her face.


it's a great job original with good idea but it could have been really god surely if you finished it with all the inbetween on model

Ryan Williams:

Fun idea.

Richard Adams:

Feels unfinished, some frames a *lot* more polished than others, makes it difficult to rate this. The polished parts are *really* good! The sketchy bits are a lot more crudely animated.