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Animator: Crissie and Jess Z

Description: Sparrow Lake offers the hottest little numbers in town! These greasy little morsels will be sure to get your mouth watering and your heart pounding. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Experience: 97 months

Time taken: 1 day


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Nathaniel Vaughan:

I'm not entirely sure if this is appropriate or not.


Maybe I'm wrong but I don't really see the logic between the audio and the animation but maybe I don't understand it well however stop motion is not bad but can be fixed a bit by adding intermediaries in some small spots.

Deva Satvika:


Yigit Bayram:

Richard Adams:

Hahahahaha. Love this one! Fantastic idea you came up with!

Ben Zingo:

is there some connection between the animation, and the selected audio for this month's challenge?

Ryan Williams:

Very limited.

Esther Serrano:

This is the best video I have ever seen!!