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The Testimony

by Christian Weckl, August Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 7.91. Finished 1 out of 61 entries.

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Animator: Christian Weckl

Description: Our main character is writing to his family, he left his hometown with great hope of a better life for himself and his daughter, sincerely describing his feelings, disappointments, and reasons for pride.

Experience: 4 years working as a 3d animator and 3 years working as cut-out animator

Time taken: 13 days


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I love it.

Richard Adams:

Top Five Entry in my book. Beautifully animated, beautiful to look at.


great acting, lighting and use of the sound's sfx

Aaron James Mongcopa:

You should've used more fingers in typing, not natural using only the pointer fingers. But I think you will win.

Ken Botelho:

I like the adjusting of the glasses. Good job.


this is the winner for me as of now...really good. 32 to go...let's see.


it is really great, you're winning this imo


I really liked this animation.
Mostly, I liked the sound of typing syncing with the visual. Liping is good but the change of emotions on the flow of dialogue is really beautiful. Good work !