Epic May Competition

We are excited to partner with Epic Games and Dell Technologies to bring you an exciting challenge for the month of May. There are some pretty cool prizes too, so read on for all the details!

Animation Learning Challenge 2021

Your challenge, should you decide to accept it, is to animate the provided clip within the Unreal Engine using the provided Meta Human project. Unreal Engine is used for more than just game development and has great cinematic tools for animators to tell their story.

Details and Prize Eligibility:

Eligibility for Dell Precision Mobile Workstation and/or lesser prizes.

Besides submitting a rendered final clip of your shot, you must use the provided project file and watch the linked learning videos to be eligible to win the Dell Precision Mobile Workstation or other prizes from Epic. See rules for full details.

-Three training courses part of the Animation Learning Challenge 2021 learning path.
-Unreal Engine project files and quick start video.


Grand Prize - Dell Precision Mobile Workstation
Grand Prize: Dell Mobile Workstation courtesy of Dell Technologies
Precision 5750 Mobile Workstation
Machine specs can be seen here.

Top Ten Submissions: Unreal Engine swag pack.

Not sure how to encode your animation?

See our Helpful Hints for encoding entries to see what works best!

Entries Received: 11

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Voice 1:
You took me for a fool, you swindled me. I have spent 167 years searching for you. And now, ho ho ho! Satisfaction will be mine.

(My Spy)

Download Audio File


  • Download the supplied Unreal Engine project. This project already includes a rig and the audio clip to be used in the challenge.
  • Complete the three courses in the Animation Learning Challenge 2021 learning path on the Unreal Online Learning portal.
  • Animate the clip within Unreal Engine using the supplied rig and 11 Second Club's supplied audio file. Export the clip using the Unreal Engine Movie Render Queue and upload to 11 Second Club.
    • Export at a minimum resolution of 1920x1080.
    • MP4. H264 Codec
  • Upon completion and upload of your submission, enter your code into the "checklist course" in the Animation Learning Challenge 2021 learning path to earn an exclusive badge. Completion Code: xpTP7uqzLTy7t3
  • Entries can be animated in any medium or software package, but to qualify for the grand prize participants must use the provided Unreal Engine project.
  • Don't put your name or contact info anywhere on the actual video (this makes voting unfair).
  • Don't try to upload files more than 10MB (the server will automatically reject it).
  • Don't use anything overtly offensive (this is not the place for crude sexual humor, extremely violent imagery, or intolerance towards any culture/religion/gender/etc.) This is also not the place for political statements of any kind.

Featured WIP

If you post your Work in Progress to YouTube and post it in the Work in Progress forum, we'll automatically feature it here. Please tag your YouTube submission with 11SecondClub so we can find them even easier.