Final Rating: 5.70. Finished 24 out of 173 entries.

642 views including the voting period.


Animator: Shendy

Description: Carrie's addiction is exposed, but she's trying to deny it.

Experience: not enough..

Time taken: 3 weekends and weekdays after work


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Taylor Selgas:

Love it, there is something about the first part (I dont need to settle down) that is not being sold to me, might have to do with the emotion in the face, lip sync, and head movement.... I would experiment with tweaking one or a few of those things I mentioned, but I love the rest, good stuff!

Enrico Westley:

I really like this piece! It's smooth, the acting is believable, and that spin she does when e sits down is hilarious! Haha! Great job!

Alen Burazerovic:

i like the turn :)

Josh O Caoimh:

Really like the way you made him think before talking!

Jim Bending:

The animation felt good but perhaps some of the acting choices were at odds with the track. I feel like the twirl was a bit superfluous. I really like the shaking hand and small trembles but a moment of stillness might be nice?