Final Rating: 5.79. Finished 20 out of 173 entries.

8,460 views including the voting period.


Animator: Brooke Wagstaff

Description: Carrie suddenly has doubts about settling down.

Both characters are the Malcolm Rig (courtesy of with modifications by myself and Josh Sobel.

Critiques very much appreciated. Thanks!

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Zuzanna Kucharska:

nice characters and render

Mike Phelan:

Amazingly creative. Best background in the competition. Unique characters, distinct from all the other entries. Fun, interesting costumes and faces. Great work!!

Andy Cheung:

I'm liking the acting of the male character, but he doesn't really sound like the main focus of this shot. The female seems too robotic and not very expressive.

Amol Wagh:

Great presentation. Awesome work on animation lighting and texturing. Great third person eye contact from frame 174 to 262. It really made this thing the best.

Jason Abby George:

Gr888 Looks !
Dress, Color, Texture, lighting is Excellent !!
Even poses are beautiful too !!

William Ramos:

Great Animation, just didnt feel the emotion of the dialogue until she says "of course i am".

Valentious Williams:

pretty rendering but no performance . The facial Performance was there but ever thing else too static . This could have to one of the top if u worked it out more .

Rahul Rishikesh:

nice render.....character is dead most of the time...give it more life

Eddie Higgenbottom:

she got her pretty face on. frame 101

Deven Ramesh Bhosale:

good job...

i think her body movement could have been little exaggerated..

rest is well done..

Leonardo Pereira:

Good Render!!!. But your acting need much more work. you need to improve the expression in the girl, the girl go from suffering to angry and suffering again, but your acting is flat in all this shot.

Himadri Sekhar Dhali:

nice female character...where do u get the female character??

J.K. Riki:

Lovely rendering! The posing works alright too, but could use a touch more pushing in places. It feels a little stiff in places, which I think could be resolved with a bit more overlap and less jerky movements at times. Overall though, entertaining to watch, and that's what we shoot for as animators! Nice work.


Ha ha ... love the idea fits is done well as well
There is one tiny thing ... when the groom turns his head 2nd time ... his head goes too far his left missing her. Otherwise looks great. You are at the top for sure.

Benjamin Berg:

Nice render and I like what you have done to the characters. The animation could use some work. It's floaty in areas and the character on the left needs better acting choices. Also, another pass on the lip sync is needed.