Final Rating: 3.72. Finished 102 out of 173 entries.

292 views including the voting period.


Animator: David Brenninkmeyer

Description: Carrie got robbed and still under shock wants to continue her daily routine. Saul and the police try to convince her to go home and settle down.

Experience: 3 month animation block at DAVE school orlando

Time taken: 2 week school project


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Eddie Higgenbottom:

puffing puffing puffing lol

Enrico Westley:

Not bad at all. There are couple of spots that need finessing, and some spots that could use some anticipation poses and faster actions. But it's not bad...

Benjamin Berg:

I'll bring up a couple things that I noticed.
1. It is unclear who the character is talking to at the beginning.
2. Floaty in parts and that is due to the drifting and lack of overlap.
3. Work on the eyes more. That is where your audience will be looking the most.