Final Rating: 5.46. Finished 32 out of 173 entries.

467 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jassmany Diaz-Butron

Description: I have to go party
i hve no time to type more.
Hope you would like !
and Have a Happy New Year !

Experience: 1 y

Time taken: 15 days


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Adam Sirrelle:

You've got some really nice character animation here! I feel like the lip sync is throwing it off though. The lower lip feels like it's always up, and some mouth shapes seem out of sync. The tongue feels too limp. You need to try and hit those 'T's and 'L's.
If you can get your lip sync as tight as your character animation that'll be awesome!

Enrico Westley:

I thought "Carrie" was a girl... I guess it doesn't have to be. Either way, nice animation. That left arm really doesn't do much --feels dead.

Shark Bait:

remember the days when animation mentor students always entered this competition

Jeff Karrie:

quite liked the characters body movement and acting , only let down by the lip syncing


good face expressions

Benjamin Berg:

Great stuff! Just a couple of notes.

1. Watch out for that arm that's hanging down. It clipped through the character and could use just a tad bit of movement.

2. For lip sync, I would improve the "Down" at around frame 90 or so.

3. I like the nervous shaking but I would slow it down or limit it a little around frame 285 when your character is listening to what the other person is saying.

Besides that, great work!