Final Rating: 5.77. Finished 21 out of 173 entries.

797 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nathan Hibberd

Description: A woman is arrested and gets no help from her friend. Is she actually crazy or was she betrayed?

Experience: 7 years

Time taken: Not certain, maybe 20-30 hours


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Leonardo Ferrò:

Great timing and good sense of poses!

Richard Carrillo:

Sound is coming before the lips. Nice entry tho.

Andy Cheung:

Some good acting and emotional changes. Loving the last part where she says of course i am. The little head shakes are very nice. Some of the posing could be stronger however just so that we can see her face better and maybe make the arms clearer.


I had a similar idea for this one! Love the close up shots :D

Deven Ramesh Bhosale:

the girls act is little bit manly..
good job..

Taylor Selgas:

Love the big puppy eyes and the face... next you should work on body movements like her struggling with her arms


haha nice one

Satish Bharadwaj:

very nice...


Actually, the audio fits well your concept. I've never thought about that scenario...I must say ... I did not plan to enter. Anyway, it works

Sarah Johnson:

One of the best animations with the 11 rig I've ever seen. Great job!

J.K. Riki:

There are some great things here, so kudos for that. Some of the little subtle touches you've added in places are brilliant, really great job. I'm not sure the over-the-shoulder works while the man is speaking, but the shot while she is talking certainly works well. Keep at it, good luck next month! :)