Final Rating: 6.36. Finished 9 out of 173 entries.

17,429 views including the voting period.


Animator: richard a.

Description: Death is showing Carrie's future if she continues the path of selfishness

Experience: intermediate

Time taken: less than 1 week. I ran out of time. so sorry =(


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Vinicius Correa:

Just try to focus a little bit more on lipsync. Great job!

Andy Cheung:

The body mechanics seem fairly solid, but the acting beats or emotional changes weren't very clear.

Bryan Stone:

A winner easy!

Deven Ramesh Bhosale:

good visualization...

carrie lip sync little bit off (o,u mouth shape missing)

J.K. Riki:

Ha ha, fun little concept there! Made me smile on the big reveal, good twist.

Richard Carrillo:

Very nice! A shame the lipsync is a bit off.

Taylor Selgas:

Just work on the lip shapes in the beginning.. this is a great animation!

Amartya Mukherji:

Wow nice acting. Respectable animation

Enrico Westley:

Everything is GREAT!!! there's just a couple Lip-Sync errors... that's all... Other than that --GREAT!!!



Yurika Nishi-Imai:

OOh~ a nice December twist! I love her expression and movement at the beginning. The one thing that I think could've used more tweaking was when Carrie yells "TELL HIM!", she just doesn't seem like she's yelling, or look as devastated as the audio conveys (to me at least). Other than that, I very much like! Good Job!