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Don't mess with Malcolm

by Thomas Dibet

Final Rating: 5.20. Finished 51 out of 177 entries.

689 views including the voting period.


Animator: Thomas Dibet

Description: Malcolm can't read quietly because of his wife. He decides to solve the problem.

Experience: 1 year as a student

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Jim P:

umm... did the dude die too?


he died too? :D

Hugo Daniel Gamboa:

I think you spend to much time on the explosion, you are missing the girl singing for the first half.

Michael Launder:

movemetns are pretty floaty and the lip synch needs more attention to the opening and closing of the mouth

J.K. Riki:

Definitely an unexpected story/ending!

David Alin:

very far from the subject

Mohamad Rezaei:

Lacks fundamentals

Dominic Rayner:

Grim, very poor indeed on all counts.

Bryan Stone:


Harihara Shrinivas:

Little bit improvement has to be there I have a question why you're made at the end of Animation getting explode it doesn't suits for the animation



Shark Bait:

well that was different

Razam Ali:

Ha ha nice but in the last the bomb effect is toooo big