Final Rating: 4.62. Finished 72 out of 177 entries.

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Animator: Kenneth Alexander

Description: A classic painting comes to life and sings. This is something of an experiment. I hope everyone likes it.

Experience: I have been a animation hobbyist for a few years.

Time taken: Tree weeks or so.


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Jim P:


Hugo Daniel Gamboa:

Great idea! i love the idea but the animation needs some work.

Melanie Fumey:

Interesting idea with this animated portrayal, but need a little of work on the animation.

Michael O'Brien:

Really neat concept! It's too bad the rest of her body wasn't animated along with the head which as it is seems to jerk in ways that look really uncomfortable.

Syuzan Melikyan:



Well a new approach, however I would start with a close up then zoom out to show the whole picture at the end ...this way kind of surprise the audience

Florencia Irena:

Interesting Idea and render style

Paulo H. Scatena:

And interesting concept well executed. Nice

J.K. Riki:

Really cool concept! The eyes were a little buggy, and that hurt the piece, but A+ for creativity. :)

Dominic Rayner:

Interesting and spooky concept, only let down by lack of expression and poor lipsynch. The texturing is what sells it but have to mark this based on animation.

Bryan Stone:


Seo Ryong Jaw:

I don't really see any emotions on the face.. and no acting for any bodies..

David Alin:

that's brave but needed more animation.

Tianyu Chen:

inspirational piece, nice job!

Shark Bait:

cool idea

Lidiya Azhar:

Wow, I wonder how you did this?

Sabrina Winkel:

I like how you bring the picture to life! Animation looks good and camera angles. The only thing I would suggest is that in this clip, she moves her head to much. It bobs a little bit. I would just do a slight movement at the end when she says: "castle on a cloud."