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Performance of Castle on a cloud

by Matthew W. Nuttall

Final Rating: 2.03. Finished 177 out of 177 entries.

1,257 views including the voting period.

Animator: Matthew W. Nuttall

Description: With the Holidays I just went with a performance of the song on stage. (Never used MoCap for those who asked) Note didn't have time to smooth the animation.

Experience: Hobby so not really any.

Time taken: When ever I could find time mainly weekends.


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Jim P:

is that you?

Michael Launder:

i'm glad you submitted an entry, but you really need a lot of work before you're winning any competitions. your key poses don't hold and move into the next. your spacing and easing in and outs are all out of whack. really concentrate on the 12 principles of animation and try doing some of those tests like bouncing balls, they teach you a lot of fundementals that your work is unfortunately lacking here

Bryan Stone:

Rework all animations. Too stiff and awkward.


The bee swatting was very believable.


nice tits


Very expressive