Final Rating: 3.23. Finished 152 out of 177 entries.

437 views including the voting period.


Animator: Derek Rich

Description: I little orphaned child, reminiscing of his parents.

Experience: 1+

Time taken: 3 days


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Michael Launder:

key poses! love them, but they don't transition from one to the next very well. hit and hold a key pose and move to the next one with spacing and ease in and ease out timing. also take another look at your lip synch, the ups and downs are mis timed and would benefit greatly from another look!

David Alin:

nice posing but timing is off

Bryan Stone:


Dean Mosier:

The animation overall was too slow and floaty. The lipsync needs a lot of work as well. Keep practicing and keep an eye on timing and weight.

Jean-Daniel Eugenie:

the lipsync needs improvement