Final Rating: 4.28. Finished 80 out of 177 entries.

498 views including the voting period.


Animator: Shash047

Description: trying to perform slow, sad, emotional solo Song dance

Experience: 5 months

Time taken: 1 week Planning,1 week Animation


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Michael Launder:

nice key poses! looking good until the last camera! that one needs a lot more polishing, but your fundementals are there, all you need is practice

J.K. Riki:

I really like the drama of the stairs and opening shot. That's something that fits well with the audio, I think. I wasn't sure what the story was, exactly, but that initial staging was a good start. :) Good luck with future entries! Keep at it.


Oh, another interesting concept, shame the animation is jerky in a couple sports

David Alin:

your timing could be better but nice overall

Sarah Johnson:

Plagiarized from Tangled. Not ready for competition.

Bryan Stone:


Ajay Raut:

The staircase section animation is nice..poses are strong..In second and third cam hand and finger movement could be more smoother.. overall Nice one..Keep it up buddy..way to go

Steve Hawthorne:

hmmm... you do realise people love and watch tangled as much as you do??

Problem, you also have, alongside the mechanics needing improving, is that this feels like a lack of context... I have no idea who she is and what she is thinking. Sorry

Jason Cobble:

It starts out nice and then it gets odd and distracting. The lip-sync needs work.

Dominic Rayner:

You wouldn't get this action for this line in a musical, it is too ott. Some good aspects about it are that for a more appropriate line of dialogue, the actions seem pretty interesting, sort of string puppet like.