Final Rating: 4.03. Finished 96 out of 177 entries.

540 views including the voting period.


Animator: Matt Espinasse

Description: The usurper queen has set new rules in the castle.

Experience: 1 year in CGI as a student

Time taken: 9 days, probably not enough to try 2D animation


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Ana Camila Parra Bernal:

the idea it's not clear

Michael O'Brien:

Such an unexpected twist! It adds a totally different dimension of creepiness to the sweet innocence of the song!

J.K. Riki:

Surprising ending! Poor kid... Nice job with the drawings overall! It might have helped a bit to push the mouth shapes a little, because at this distance it was a bit hard to see. Something for next time, perhaps!

Florencia Irena:

wow i didn't see that coming. lol. good work

Bryan Stone:


Sabrina Winkel:

Her hat disappears every now and then