Final Rating: 3.47. Finished 138 out of 177 entries.

481 views including the voting period.


Animator: hamid nakhaei

Description: Two friends were upset.

Experience: I just Beginner.

Time taken: About seven hours.


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Michael Launder:

work on the shapes of the words! looks good otherwise

J.K. Riki:

The art is nicely done! The motion-blur at the start was extremely distracting, and I don't think you need it. I'd suggest removing it, because it adds little and actually detracts a lot. Overall it's a nice start! Next time you might want to focus a bit more on the animation/movement and a little less on the backgrounds and such, just since the 11 Second Club is really about character animation more than anything else. :) Good luck with your future entries! Keep at it.

Sarah Johnson:

The story here is kind of unclear.

Bryan Stone:

Lost it when you zoomed out and away from the main character.

Seo Ryong Jaw:

it's beautiful cartoons. But, there is not much animations going on.

Dominic Rayner:

Don't really understand the story. Nice looking scene, but concentrate on animation because this is an animation competition. The bit at the start is the best, but the lipsynch is not right, and expressions limited.