Final Rating: 3.46. Finished 139 out of 177 entries.

492 views including the voting period.


Animator: J.J. Augusta

Description: She is checking out a customer who is buying tissues and decides to start singing to them

Experience: about 6 months

Time taken: about 2 weeks


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Rannva Macdonald Arnskov:

They eyes are pretty dead. She doesn't look at anything specific, and feels very "dead". Neither sad or happy, but just bland and neutral. There are no key poses, everything is just inbetweens and nothing stands out over the rest. I think the animator would have done well with drawing the poses in 2D before starting the animation in 3D


those boxes have no waight

Michael Launder:

relax the fingers on that left hand! it amost hurts just to look at haha

Eddie Mendez:

hands are way to stiff and awkward. especially the left one not doing anything



David Alin:

she's having real coordination troubles there

Mohamad Rezaei:

Lacks fundamentals

Bryan Stone:

Creative idea, could be better with body movement tweaks.

Steve Hawthorne:

I've done ten years of customer service. This one made me smile :)