Final Rating: 4.00. Finished 100 out of 177 entries.

493 views including the voting period.


Animator: Amrithraj

Description: The Daughter is so sad, and her mother try to make her happy..

Experience: not much

Time taken: one week


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Hugo Daniel Gamboa:

I think you took to much inspiration from tangled, but overall i think the poses should be refined.

Naman Aafle:

Reminds me of a shot from "Tangled".
Mouth shapes are bit off.

Rannva Macdonald Arnskov:

The strongest point is the second characters eyemovement. The poses are odd, and the singing characters face is stuck in a smug Dreamwork-face. Even when you're smiling, if you speak, you can't keep the smile form of your mouth to get most of the sounds out.

Michael Launder:

you have a lot of principles! i love all the key poses! next steps are the inbetweens and going from there with follow throughs!

Melanie Fumey:

Seems you've "copied" an animation of the Tangled movie ( Mother knows best sequence) but don't understand the interest or link with the sound of this month...

Huanyu Zhang:

Copy Rapunzel animation

Mohamad Rezaei:

Lacks fundamentals

Bryan Stone:


Dominic Rayner:

Your shadows hide the lip synch and are distracting. The lip synch doesnt really vary enough. The actions seems wrong for the occasion. I wouldn't think the singer would yank someone by the head for a line such as this. Parts of this are heading in a nice animation direction, even if the actions don't fit the dialogue, so well done on that account.