Final Rating: 3.99. Finished 101 out of 177 entries.

491 views including the voting period.


Animator: Dustin Jones

Description: Mery walks up a set of stairs and plucks a flower from a flower pot. she then crushes it and throws it over a balcony.

Experience: Not a lot, but hope to be good one day.

Time taken: Two very long painful weeks


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Dina Mohy:

you can slow her moves a little, start squeezing the flower at frame 232 when she says not in a castle and there is no need for the hair adjustment move. the last expression is more of an angry than miserable .

Michael Launder:

really look at walks, the walk here is pretty janky and has lots of trouble rotating the hips and shoulders. it feels pretty stiff

Dominic Rayner:

Too much action with unrefined animation. What was she angry about, and why take it out on a flower?

Bryan Stone:

Love the emotion and expression changes.

Steve Hawthorne:

why go so angry at the end...?

Yes, I can see you need to improve the mechanics, but the staging worked nicely.