Final Rating: 2.48. Finished 171 out of 177 entries.

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Animator: Christopher Searle

Description: On a sad day, find the place you feel happy.
I've tried a bit more movement than the past with this one. As such it looks a little rough.

Experience: 4 Years

Time taken: 2 Days


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Jim P:

nice work. that is very hard to do.


Very good for a beginner! Keep up the good work!

Michael Launder:

I'm torn on this one because i really like it, however it has a lot of things that it needs to be improved. i recommend the books: the animators survival kit and the illusion of life for you to look at, they'll have a lot of things in just the first few pages that could really plus your animation.

J.K. Riki:

I like the transition you've got at the end, it's a nice touch. Right now the rest is a little too limited in style, with only the mouth moving (and not even the jaw). Someone once told me to not work so finished and go back to the basics, and I'm passing along that advice now. Work with simple shapes and really get movement in there, and it will serve you well in future works. Good luck with it, and keep going! :)

Bryan Stone:

Needs rework on the overall animation. Improve lipsync animations, body and scenes are static and stiff.