Final Rating: 4.78. Finished 67 out of 177 entries.

543 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nassim Briedj

Description: a sad a girl singing...

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 11 days


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Dina Mohy:

lipsync is off, her hands are tense.

Michael Launder:

really good! i'd say just study mouth movements when people talk and sing, your shapes are good theyre just a bit too extreme maybe!

Michael O'Brien:

Her action on frame 200 where she "knocks" on her doll doesn't seem to relate or add anything to what she's saying/feeling. It's a little confusing. I've been told this is a tricky rig to work with, though, so nice job on the control/mechanics of the body as a whole.

Poornachander Adepu:

should be change lip sync animation completely! it is not good! action was good but in between punching is no needed! it is not looking good! anyway needed more polish in action!

Bryan Stone:


Shark Bait:

cool! the tongue looks a bit odd

Moussa Ishak:

Nice animation !!!