Final Rating: 4.22. Finished 82 out of 177 entries.

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Animator: Coral Andrew

Description: Sad little girl, can't sleep, sings instead....

Experience: 2nd year Student.

Time taken: 5 hours


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Michael Launder:

nice! you have a great opportunity here, really try and do some tests early on to see how your character can move and what it can get away with! right now its pretty stationary and if you got some body movement this would have been seriously great!

J.K. Riki:

Cutout animation is tricky, and you did a great job on the lip sync here! One suggestion would be more movement otherwise. Maybe she even just shifts her weight from one foot to the other, just to give us a little more movement. Or you could put in a chair and have her sit down without too many extra pieces to make, possibly. Anyway, really nice job in the traditional method, keep at it!

Valentious Williams:

Nice is new .Id like to have seen more from you .

Dominic Rayner:

Well done for using a different medium for your animation, it gives it charm.

Bryan Stone:

Lipsync is good, more emotion in the arms and body.

Ana Camila Parra Bernal:

where are her hands?

Jorge Duran Llanos:

It's so refreshing to see cut-out animation... like the style but at least a woul'd move the character around a little bit.