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Singing in the bedroom

by A.A.

Final Rating: 6.42. Finished 15 out of 177 entries.

1,384 views including the voting period.


Animator: A.A.

Description: Girl singing and playing in her bedroom.

Experience: 5-6 years

Time taken: 1 week in my free time


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Andre Nunes:

nice work :)

Robert Firestone:

I like the camera. Some of her poses feel a bit broken.

Evelyn Hernandez:

It feels like shes moving too much, for this dialogue. Its good, but shes talking in a emotional matter that doesnt feel right with her excited like body movements.

David Alin:

kind of overracted but pretty good overall

Florencia Irena:

Great work!

Sarah Johnson:

Nice acting! I loved the expressions you got, especially on "not in my castle"

Moussa Ishak:

^^ lovely...i like it verymuch !

Bryan Stone:

Is Good work.

Shark Bait:

mini Mery !

Dominic Rayner:

Some good animation, but fidgety actions chosen. Perhaps actions that specify the theme or story, might have been better choices. Camera move doesn't help much. But well done because your shot is in my opinion in the best 10 of 150 I watched so far.