Final Rating: 6.03. Finished 17 out of 118 entries.

977 views including the voting period.


Animator: Khanh Nguyen

Description: Jack's bartender comforts him after his wife, Jill, has recently left him.

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 48 hours


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syrus johnson:

Now thats a animation.

Gerben Brandsma:

I love the animation, especially on the bartender! Some lipsync problems after frame 190 keep me from rating higher though.

Nick Kondo:

I love that head bowing that the bartender does after he says thank you. Nice acting choices.

Christoph Lendenfeld:

best bar scene of december. the barman really sells it with his gesture saying "no problem"

Jasmine Keith:

Your framing needs to be tighter but jeez this is so cute it makes me smile.

Tari Mack:

Wonderfully concise and natural! I like the staging, and that it's all one shot. Just one thing: her ring is on the middle finger, not the index! :D

Olya Ri: