Final Rating: 6.90. Finished 4 out of 118 entries.

8,385 views including the voting period.


Animator: Fabian

Description: A father teachs stuff to his sons about live and bisness

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 80 horas


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Karl Pontau:

2nd speaker moves his head too much. Doesn't fit with the emotion. Nice camera work.

Clara Myers:

Awesome character appeal! The movement of the guy's head when he says "yeah, thankyou" feels odd though.

Lauren Watanabe:

I really enjoyed that ending composition you chose.

Nick Kondo:

Your art style is super cool!

Gerben Brandsma:

The sunglasses guy is great in every way, but it feels like the other didn't get as much attention. There could have been done more with the line: "There is one more thing."

Thomas Thoma:

Nice strong poses. Good lighting and design. The second shot is problematic: the guy should stay towards the left side of the frame as it was established in the first shot.

Jasmine Keith:

I totally love the animation of the first character, but unfortunately his attitude doesn't really match up with the dialogue. The second character at around frame 131 gets a wide eyed look that doesn't seem to match up with the attitude either. It would be nice to get more dynamic shapes with the second character's mouth. Also, the inhale seems to end a bit early. Your staging is fantastic though!


that's amaizing!!!

Evelyn Hernandez:

awesome work! because it was all done really well, I feel like the really straight front orthographic camera angle could of been done differently. love the animation of the guy in the white/purple

Jordan Lewers:

Oh, this is impressive. Rotating 2d figures with the style you've chosen is no easy feat! A small nitpick, but it seems redundant that the guy sitting down turns his head in the same direction after 194. Otherwise, amazing work!

Jake Love:

real nice