Final Rating: 8.02. Finished 2 out of 118 entries.

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Animator: Ren Zhihe

Description: After 3years,two killers in the bar again.I want to present the freemasonry of heroes.I think i watching too much HK movies.haha This mouth I have too much work to do,I know that animation is not good but i tried my best,I have been worn out.

Experience: 3.5year

Time taken: Average 3 hours a day 18 day


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Jean Lamy:

Very cool! I love the shots. And I understand the story behind this.

The lip-sync is holding this clip back. Some parts should start faster, and some should starts later.

Sorasin Taweelap:


syrus johnson:

very good start. just like watching a movie

Nick Kondo:

Really great natural motion on the characters. Love the arcs on the heads!

Divyam Chand:

so far, this is my favourite. Truly captures the essence of the dialogue. Brilliant :)

Mitch Buzgan:

I enjoy the acting, it's very subtle. I would say you miss the focus of the first character when he says "you can always talk to me", because he gives the second character that object before he speaks which now is the point of my interest.
Overall the way you animated this characters made them very appealing. Good luck!

Zack Y.:

Beautiful. Simply.

John Fielding:

really great performance, but the lip sync is a bit soft. also not sure what he passed the guy...