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by Eric De Carolis, December Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.05. Finished 1 out of 93 entries.

473,456 views including the voting period.


Animator: Eric De Carolis

Description: An old grumpy chef is stuck in his ways.

Experience: 7 yeards

Time taken: 18 hours


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I'm rooting for this one <3
Awesome work sir :D


brilliant facial animation, crispy timing and spacing.

Alberto Fernandez:

The best thing are the mouths and jaws imo; the staging is solid. Everything is fairly well chained.


Love it

jf barthelemy:

really nice body mechanic!


great performance i love it

Ramon Comellas:

Amazing!! i have seen it 20 times.

Robert Firestone:

There's a lot of really great detail here - the guy cutting the tomato just oozes character. Amazing work!

Samuel Couffe:

Loved it ! Very nice animation ! Keep going !

Scott Wilson:

Amazing! What software did you use for this?! The render looks incredible.

Omair Fuertes Martin:

I think we have a winner here!