Final Rating: 5.34. Finished 24 out of 70 entries.

447 views including the voting period.


Animator: Fatih Enes Ayan

Description: Dialogue between Dedective Quack and a newbie company employee

Experience: Currently studying Animation in college

Time taken: A week


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Brian Rusnak:

Nice animation! I like the character designs.

I would add a few inbetween frames to the 2nd character when he freaks out in his line "SIdekick??". Also, have the penguin react a 2nd time and move back a little when the other character pushes towards him @ frame 237.


Pretty good acting choices...would have liked to have seen some strong poses held for a bit. Strange, I felt that the characters were standing on different levels on first viewing.


Nice but the duck's Adam's Apple is very distracting. It looks like his mouth and his beak looks like his nose. So the eye goes straight to the Adam's Apple, expecting it to "talk".

Florian Linet:

a little bit too linear, lacks timing
also, i think the beak of the duck is a little too high, cause i mistook itr for the nose at the start