Final Rating: 5.62. Finished 21 out of 70 entries.

7,350 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bruno Barongeno de Mendonca

Description: A Scientist's very annoying friend comes to visit him at his lab.

Experience: 1

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Guy Rathbone:

The first characters doing a lot and his arm seems a bit broken at times but I like it none the less! to make his arm look less broken twist his body round rather than snapping at the elbow (132) and push his point with a body twist so that he's stretching his arm out as well (187)


Good effort...I think you need to simplify this...too much movement, not enough strong poses.
Both characters have the same type of movements.

Jake Lee:

Love the hand drawn style! Well done!


The lip-syncing is great! I really enjoyed the characters' movement as well.