Final Rating: 6.43. Finished 6 out of 70 entries.

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Animator: Ayush R

Description: Head of the research lab, does not know that whom he brought for the tour is going to be new head of the lab and he is going to report to the new BOSS.

Tried to do Stepped mode stopmotion this time.
Worth a try :)

Experience: 10+

Time taken: 20 hrs


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Brian Rusnak:

Nice animation! I really like the hand gestures of the first character.

I feel like the moving cart could work, but the background distracts from the nice blocking. I would put them into another environment, or make the background colors more muted so the good animation isn't lost in the shuffle.

Nice work!

James Harkonnen:

excellent performing


Good effort... could be closer to the action.

Steve Hawthorne:

Woah, check out your crime lab. So complicated. A little distracting, though, Perhaps reduce its opacity, so its like they are going through glass. This may help the focus onto the characters.

This one just may need more time. If this is a blocking, I love where it is going. I really like the acting choices. Mike does a lot of gesturing with his hands, but each feel specific and the two characters seem to have separate personalities. Congrats. Not an easy task.

Big note is I think he needs to turn more on ''ideas'' and connect with better eyeline. If you keep going I think you have a nice piece here

Andrei Llacuna:

I love the acting choice, very hilarious. This is going to be one the winner for me.

King Thabo Masigo Mahlagare:

Really nice.