Final Rating: 5.86. Finished 15 out of 70 entries.

1,461 views including the voting period.


Animator: Arindam K Dutta

Description: A superhero is interested in making the talented lab guy his sidekick, but the latter thinks otherwise. Ambiguous characters with an ambiguous environment, just to study the lip sync and body movements.

Experience: 6 months

Time taken: 4 days


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Guy Rathbone:

Like the rodents actions really funny, the bears are good but i think the bear is lacking a few arcs his movements feel a little robotic

Prashant Makwana:



Pretty good acting choices... could the animation be snappier in places I wonder?

Brian Rusnak:

Good animation! I like the gestures, especially with the bear's fingers @ about frame 121.

I feel like some of the inbetween drawings could be taken out of the arm movements, as they seem to be evenly spaced and evenly timed.

Good job!

ro crown:

nice and it fits the sfx in the last few frames.