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I Like "That" In a Sidekick

by Joshua Trimmer

Final Rating: 4.63. Finished 33 out of 70 entries.

613 views including the voting period.


Animator: Joshua Trimmer

Description: I look forward to critique! This was a great experience and hopefully, after review, I'll be able to incorporate this into my updated demo reel.

Experience: 3 Years

Time taken: 22ish Hours


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Brian Rusnak:

Nice work, I like the acting choices of the characters.

I think the camera is pulled back too far, and its difficult to see the facial animation well. I would push the camera in closer, while still keeping the set props in frame.


Love the extra side action from the 'sidekick' worrying about the tube. Nicely done. Very entertaining :)


Good effort...elements of the animation very distracting however...difficult to know where to look.

James Harkonnen:

Try to pay more attention on weight distribution, you have a heavy character and he needs to look heavy.

Prashant Makwana:


Andrei Llacuna:

- try to exaggerate the mouth just a bit more.
- The staging and composition is a bit off, there's a lot of space around the characters. Try to play with the composition, shapes and the poses and placement of the characters.
- the pantomime is fine, line of action needs more exaggeration.

overall, cool acting choice for the characters but need to emphasize the poses and composition.

Elisabeth Janerka:

Staging could be more interesting, and closer as it is hard to see their facial expressions properly