Final Rating: 4.28. Finished 39 out of 70 entries.

2,319 views including the voting period.


Animator: Paul Jun-ho Chang

Description: This one's more about the funny concept, as opposed to great animation. not sure if it's appropriate for the competition, but I was itching to turn out another traditional animation....this is only my 3rd or's kind of just practice for me

Experience: a couple years as a hobbyist

Time taken: 2-3 weeks, on and off


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Brian Rusnak:

Nice animation! I like the entire motion of the first character losing his suit, well-drawn turn. The 2nd character's annoyance also comes through his acting as well.

I would add just a few inbetween drawings to the arm movements at frames 76 and 151 to give his arms a bit of weight.

Good job!

Vedanth Panchoo:

Very funny! Love the expressions.


Nice idea...