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A place for the summer party

by Leonardo Pereira

Final Rating: 7.40. Finished 2 out of 70 entries.

214,190 views including the voting period.


Animator: Leonardo Pereira

Description: The fraternity of the Alpha-Beta search for a place for the summer party, and the garage of Ray is perfect for the occasion.

Experience: 6

Time taken: 36hrs


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John M:

Brilliant. Both characters are great, especially the "sidekick"

Brian Rusnak:

Nice animation! I really like the interaction between the characters (frames 136 and 206). I also like the secondary animation on the 2nd character too, as he has to adjust his glasses at frame 164. Nice touch!

I would take a few of the beginning frames off, having the piece start closer to the dialogue (less walking at the beginning). Or, have the first character begin with an excited expression before starting the line "Woah...". Maybe keep the same expression he has at frame 37, showing that he is already excited about the "crime lab" before he begins speaking.

Either way, nice work!

Prashant Makwana:

A1 work...
btw why they are walking so slow at start
My top 3


Nice, good acting choices...could be the winning animation...well done.

Paraskevi Koutalou:

Very clear, smooth and well animated!

Shakya Achyut:

why did you add the sound at frame 133 when he taps his back? Thats against the rules!!!

Jake Lee:

Nice choices in acting!!

Terry Su:

need some work on lip sync but overall very nice!


Very nice!

Andrw Yair Guio :


Elisabeth Janerka:

Nice setup, but the timing and movements could be more snappy

Pushpendra Sharma:

performance is fine but if u could at least showed some elements in it, that would be awesome. cheers :)

King Thabo Masigo Mahlagare:

Excellent acting, nice and simple, really good contrast.

Raghavendra V:

only thing is the hand doesnt feel connected to body when he removes the sun glasses.

Eddie Higgenbottom:

you maybe added sounds that's not allowed