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Animator: Tak Stapleton

Description: Kira chats with a Christmas worker

Experience: Student (3 years)

Time taken: 3 Weeks, 4 hours a day


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2D / 3D combo is interesting. Acting choices on elf are nice.

Aaron James Mongcopa:

the 2d part need some improvement on acting, lyp syn etc. the 3d character is nicely done.


Cute character design but her head bounces a bit too much.

Jerry Lau:

great work in drawings and 3D animations!!! The minor things I can only says is the elf body seems too still around F90-F110

Overall great work!!!

Katie Steuernagel:

I really enjoy the combination of 2D and 3D animation in this! And the movement of the elf had a lot of personality in it. There could be some improvement made in the appeal of the 2D character, but overall I like the dynamic of this one!


good work. I like the 2d with 3D. good work.
just need more hand movement for the girl and some more gestures for the guy

Pablo García:

you got the sipirit
keep going