Final Rating: 7.17. Finished 2 out of 59 entries.

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Animator: Johannes Wipfelder

Description: had a lot of fun with this.
hope you like it.

Experience: i'm an animation student :)

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Love this!


Waouw ! This is yet my favorite work on this december session. You are very talented. Hey, Johannes, do you know that we loved your animations ? The animator "Darren T" has made a video review on your beautifull Dora animation (check his 12-december livestream on his youtube channel). I love the way you made your characters moving : there is so much life in your drawings...

Richard Adams:

Superb sense of 3d volume in the characters. Really nicely animated. The acting, body language, facial expressiveness, all terrific.

ro crown:

Great job and glad to see you enter once again!!

Kyra Simone:

The consistency of volume is immaculate here. Fantastic work. What could use a little extra love here is timing. Oftentimes both characters are making important moves at the same time (e.g. 179, 207) and my attention darts between them too fast. Mind you, this WORKS at 84 because our first character is reacting to our elf, and so both movements act as one. But picking up a stick and looking away to talk are not the same, and yet they happen at the same speed, at the same time... that throws me off.


your characters are very appealing. I do wish you complete this animation. looks good!

Jerry Lau:

nice work!!!


Love the acting and quality of the lines.


very good, you have a lot of potential.
Change the body types. The Elf is either smaller or Bigger then the girls. Right now they almost look alike

Zac Eriah:

The fire very natural and the character movements are just WOW!