Final Rating: 3.13. Finished 55 out of 59 entries.

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Animator: Alice

Description: A kid in a reeinder costume compliments an elf for their elf costume.

Experience: A few weeks. This is my first animation with audio. I used Rough Animator with a 2017 iPad Pro.

Time taken: 3 days on and off.


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Richard Adams:

Cleanly drawn, but animation is so stiff. There's barely any movement at all. Go search Youtube for the "12 Principles of Animation". Appealing character designs.

Kyra Simone:

Cute designs. I see the intention to minimize movement here, and have some comments. 1: THIS IS NOT A BAD INTENTION, It is a good instinct! It fits the tone of the scene very well. 2: The result, unfortunately lacks flavor. A good analogy I learned is one of 'true white'. If you want to color in a polar bear, which is white, you'll find that it's actually a mix of baby yellows, pale greys and dying blues that really make it more realistic than just leaving the bear on the white sheet of paper. Putting that into your animation, the character is still. But very few people can stand this still! 'True still' includes a shuffle of the foot, a shift in the shoulder, a tilt of the waist with each breath, and animation should only exaggerate it. Reference is your friend. 3: With the motion we have, remember that anticipation, remember those settle frames and inbetweens. Minimized movement can often be harder to impliment just because of how few things are changing, and yet we must redraw the frame. 4: Have a happy new year :) Infodump over!

ro crown:

gave this a four star as i like the char's designs,,,so keep entering please and thanks!!!


needs more inbetweens, slow in and outs, staging. Performance.
But its a good start