Final Rating: 4.33. Finished 42 out of 59 entries.

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Animator: Calogero

Description: This animation was made with free softwares : Opentoonz (and Krita for the background). First a rough pass. Then inking. Then colorisation, and then shadowing. It's a frame by frame creation.

Experience: Electrician - 8 months animator as hobbyist

Time taken: 20 days of holiday


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Kyra Simone:

This girl's poses are delightfully wacky! I'm not going to tell you to tone them down, but I AM going to ask that they are spread out over a longer period of time (more drawings, more frames). A. So that our eye can really catch the emphasis of each one, and B. Because I can see the struggle of there not being enough inbetweens for a smooth transition. Both of these apply to our elf as well. Really acting out wacky poses (irl, on camera!) and seeing how each one transitions into the other can help us find the perfect emphasis, and how to go about putting that on a moving cartoon character.

Jerry Lau:

Maybe just too much exaggerations in the character animation and some follow through of them.

Especially the girl motion around F96, and the elf motion when the girl talks in the end, they both distracted the eyes of audience from the character that's talking.

The drawing is fine though, keep it up !!!


Add more In-Betweens and Slow in and outs. More Animation fundamentals needed frame70 to76 he stretches , but his pelvis doesn't move, add more slow in and out and move slightly up and down pelvis