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I'm an elf...Almost.

by Vadim

Final Rating: 4.93. Finished 30 out of 59 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: Vadim

Description: About elves.

Experience: Many years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Jerry Lau:

Try to focus more on the arc in the body movements. Especially the movement of both characters' hands, It looks IK as you can see the path of both characters' hands is too linear. Reminded that every body movement moves in arc.

It's ok as it happened in every animators (including me). The animations is fine, keep it up.

Carolina Årnäs:

You broke the 180 rule, but with a bit more practice I think you do much better


Good animation and acting but it would have been better to keep the camera focused on the elf’s face when he talks.

Elisabeth Janerka:

Nice setup, but look up rules of composition. Also, I would stay in the second camera position but just lower the camera to fit them both when he sits down (do a cam move) instead of confusing the viewer by breaking the 180 rule (in the third shot).


good start.
add more Inbetweens, slow in and outs. Work on the Animation fundamentals. FRame 30 to 140 need more work