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Interesting meeting

by Hong Anh

Final Rating: 5.04. Finished 27 out of 59 entries.

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Animator: Hong Anh

Description: A little girl went shopping with her parents when she saw a goblin

Experience: one year and a half

Time taken: about 10 days


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Kyra Simone:

Great start with these poses. They are exaggerated in a lovely way. What needs work is what goes in-between. At 142, or 'well-', our lipsync gets lost because the arms are out of sync with the dialogue. Often in this anim, the poses are not given enough time to settle and end up feeling jarring. These poses are energetic, so this is the right direction, but in order for a movement to feel natural, you need more settle than you've got.

Katie Steuernagel:

There’s a lot of improvement to be made, but the ending is funny!!


large task, 4 characters.
add more Inbetweens, slow in and outs. Work on the Animation fundamentals.