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Animator: mowanie

Description: This Elf just wants to be accepted by humans!

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 3 days (8 hours each day)


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Thanks for your comments! :D

Richard Adams:

The animation here is terrific. The idea, not so much. The "human" so obviously isn't one. Lip syncing needs work, too. Very visually appealing though.

Jerry Lau:

Nice work, the rhythm is good. just a few things: in the second shot, the timing when the girls hand job down is too linear, maybe some ease- in will make it look better.

Also, when the girl says "oh", her body move up in arc and suddenly stop and return, I think it may look better if making a little circle arc instead of suddenly stop and return.

overall nice work.


Add more In-Betweens and Slow in and outs. More Animation fundamentals needed