Final Rating: 4.01. Finished 44 out of 59 entries.

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Animator: Anna Eivör

Description: My debut in 11secondClub

Experience: I started to learn animation approx. a year and a half ago

Time taken: 4 days


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Kyra Simone:

Very creative puppets! The most effective parts of this animation are our big elf's arms, which are allowed to sway freely back and forth with speed and direction based on necessity. The heads and legs seem a little directionless in comparison, with feet tapping, ears flopping and necks snapping 'out-of-rhythm'. The next step to improve this, imo, is easing in and out of those head and foot movements (using skew and size tools to advantage) so that they sway with a little less jank.


more inbetweens, some pauses, slow in and outs. Good idea though


You don't need them to constantly move.

Pablo García:

nice snow tho