Final Rating: 6.36. Finished 12 out of 96 entries.

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Animator: Mahesh Waran

Description: Please enjoy my version of ze bugs life , ma ma miya

Experience: 08 years

Time taken: on and off 20 days


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Lucia Caccavale:

Love the bug theme! Great idea :D

Richard Adams:

Bonus points for creativity and uniqueness of idea. Nicely animated, too.

Ben Zingo:

Deceptively simple style, you make it look easy! But there's a lot of great work going on here

Shweta Chawre:

Love the idea and the setup! Super unique :)

Mario Galán:

Great Idea!

J.K. Riki:

This is very well done, nice work! The movement is fluid and controlled, without being too over-the-top or silly. Feels extremely grounded, so kudos for that. If I have one suggestion, it would be your opening shot doesn't need to be quite as long as it is. You don't want to lose your audience before getting to the scene itself. :) Keep up the good work!