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Routine rounds

by Luis Antonio Meco, December Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.98. Finished 1 out of 126 entries.

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Animator: Luis Antonio Meco

Description: Agent Ellie Banks, from the Magic Sprite Activity Control Agency, is making her routine rounds of the Magic Forest. Will she find anything out of the ordinary?

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Davit Martirosyan:

Good animation, the idea too. I think the pencil hand from 290 to 315 is not finalized and looks a little wooden. but for me, this is the FIRST PLACE! Congratulations

Jay G. :

I love the idea of a detective interrogation of Sprite Fright!!!!! And you executed it so well!!!!


this animation was really good. i felt like I was actually watching a Pixar film.

Jorge Zagatto Neto:

hahaha I loved the storytelling and all the emotions going around the mushroom. The background is very well executed as well.

The only two things I would say are:
1. the hopping of the guy seems a bit floaty.
2. the acting of the girl seems the least interesting part. I think you could work more on her eyes and lipsync. Make the facial muscles more connected between eyes and mouth. And for the "your magic" movement, I feel like her eyes could anticipate the movement. And maybe we don't need such a strong cushion as we have now.

Katie Steuernagel:

This animation made me gasp!! So beautifully done. The staging, the acting, the lighting, the shift in focus especially. This looks so professional, like it's straight from a movie. Very impressive!!!