Final Rating: 6.84. Finished 11 out of 200 entries.

2,028 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ewald Wip

Description: My entry for this months contest. My first time animating quadrupeds other then a walk cycle. It was a very fun learning experience! I would have loved a week more for polish, but Im happy I got this far :D

Experience: 3 years as a 3d Animator at a small studio in Denmark.

Time taken: 1 week for figuring out what I wanted to do, 3 weeks from planning to polish, about 4 hours a day..


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Jaron Jackson:

Very nice!


wow! that is my favorite!
they are moving so real! I hope you win! :)

Leo Beall:

Love the idea, nice pose and face at the end aswell!

Shelby Christie:

Cuuute! It's nice to see an entry where the two characters aren't stuck in an office.

Sergio Barragan L:

Oh, My God!!!!

April Slocombe:

While the fire hydrant is cliched, I like the cat and dog set-up as well as their lip sync and body animation.

Stéphane Sartori:

This one is GREAT! And those are nice rigs too, where did you get them?

Theron Chaplin:

Very entertaining!


Cool work with the animals, one of the best entries this month!