Final Rating: 3.48. Finished 158 out of 200 entries.

467 views including the voting period.


Animator: Cameron Scott McKenzie

Description: A grunt worker is dismissed by his boss, and shows off a double dose of his displeasure.

Experience: I'm 3rd Year Animation student.

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Lol, when the scooter rolled up m it should have halted and rolled back slightly before continuing on. Funny animation.

Sarah Dunn:

It is a good idea. It would be stronger if the first character had a settle because of the abruptness of his stop.


Haha funny idea!

Ben Holland:

i don't think the final poses were appropriate.

kishan Rathod:

Needs a lot of improvement

April Slocombe:

I like the Segway buts its wheels are stiff. Other than that, the animation on both men is mostly consistent.


Posing needs more focus. Once poses are good and in place, its just a matter of timing and graph... good attempt