Final Rating: 3.56. Finished 152 out of 200 entries.

475 views including the voting period.


Animator: Joel Murphy

Description: The panic stricken robot Bill notices only too late that they are low on fuel, so in the heat of the moment, he hopes the captain doesn't notice.

Experience: bachelors degree

Time taken: 50ish hours


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Jason Smith:

Really cool style!

Dicco Thomas:


ahana a v:


kishan Rathod:

what was that !! ??

April Slocombe:

Although the human character walks in a mechanical manner, his lip sync is good and I like the animation on Bill. The Only other thing that could have been improved is that the empty fuel tank warning would have been better at the very end.

J.K. Riki:

I like the concept, and the little joke at the end with the gas tank reading. Unfortunately it goes by too quickly to really register. What might be better is if he leans down, nervously, and we see the gas meter to the side while he's speaking, instead of the cut. Keep at it!