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Bill the adaquatulent squirrel

by Pooja Krishnan

Final Rating: 6.13. Finished 20 out of 200 entries.

17,805 views including the voting period.


Animator: Pooja Krishnan

Description: Bill is one adequaciously adaquatulent squirrel who likes them adequately adequate acorns


Experience: a year and a half

Time taken: roughly about 2 weeks


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Bailey Easson:

Very cute! I love the little shoulder shrug on the dog and the movements on the squirrel are nicely done.

April Slocombe:

Good character animation and lip sync throughout, especially when the squirrel throws one acorn from one hand to another - excellent uses of arcs and secondary action.

Leo Beall:

NIce idea, could use a little work on timing and spacing. Posing is quite nice though.

Shelby Christie:

Props for using Balto! Cute idea.

Nitin Navale:

Great thought!!!


good subtle animation on both characters, very easy to watch!